Association for the Support of
Victims of the Ukraine Conflict

Helping Ukrainian families in need time and again

The Association is a governmentrecognized Swiss charitable entity founded in March 2022 by Andrei Baronov and Ratmir Timashev, two IT entrepreneurs, who have been investing in and working with Ukraine for many years.

Its purpose is to support people of Ukraine, who are suffering as a result of the war in Ukraine and are in dire need of basic humanitarian assistance, including medical supplies, life-saving treatments, and rehabilitation.

Utilizing a team of individuals in Europe as well as on the ground in Ukraine, individual situations and requests for assistance are evaluated and selected to identify those that can be helped with targeted, quick, and uncomplicated financial support.

Humanitarian support designations

Basic Needs

To secure food, clothing, essential items, and housing or shelter for internally displaced persons throughout Ukraine.

Medical Supply

To secure critical medication, medical interventions, and psychological help for victims in themost affected territories.

Social Adaptation

To secure retraining, education, and employment opportunities for those forced to flee Ukraine, who need to adapt to foreign conditions.

Children’s Needs

To secure primary care, sustenance, housing, clothing, and psychological needs of children, who have fled wartorn areas.

We support

This association was established in response to the reports from Ukraine concerning illegal and unprovoked aggression against the country and the resulting suffering of its people. The survivors and refugees of the war need targeted humanitarian assistance as a top priority.

Such a situation in Ukraine is unacceptable in the 21st century!

No one should stand aside and do nothing.

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